Insights for Informed Decisions

Insights Evaluation LLC

Gaining Insights

Supporting clients in program planning, quality improvement, and demonstrating impact.

Insights Evaluation offers rigorous third-party evaluation and applied research services for clients seeking the information they need to make important decisions about program strategies, project implementation, and resource allocation. Evaluation and research products are designed to be clear and actionable so that clients can put them to use to better serve their target communities. Services range from consultation to design and full execution, tailored to needs and budget.

Clients include nonprofit organizations, state and federal agencies, private foundations, and grant-funded programs. Perhaps you are a grantee (or potential grantee) of government or private funding required to obtain the services of a third-party evaluator to monitor implementation and demonstrate outcomes. Insights Evaluation will work with you from the proposal stage through final reporting. Perhaps you are a decision-maker seeking to improve program quality, understand program outcomes, or invest in organizational learning. Contact Insights Evaluation to learn more about how we can work together to achieve your objectives.

  • Consulting
  • Logic model development
  • Evaluation plans for proposals
  • Identification of outcome measures
  • Design and implementation
  • Data collection, management, and analysis
  • Formative and summative evaluation
  • Clear and actionable reporting

Starting Insights

A passion for quality, integrity, and community.

Insights Evaluation was formed in August of 2019 in Manchester, New Hampshire by Eleanor M. Jaffee, Ph.D. Dr. Jaffee previously had a research faculty appointment as Evaluation Program Director at the University of New Hampshire Carsey School of Public Policy. She formed Insights Evaluation to serve client and community needs with high standards of quality and integrity.